Home Remedy For Killing Bed Bugs Safely – Going Crazy

Do you ever feel that you need a home remedy for killing bed bugs safely?

You may have children in  your house and don’t want them to be affected by bed bug poisons.

Or you may have pets and need to protect them as well!

If you feel you have bed bugs, maybe the first thing to check is your mattress….

.. and so you check your mattress and find that it’s covered with brown spots that look like fecal staining.


Clean or Throw?

The natural thing to do is to wonder if you should clean the mattress or whether you should throw it out.

What is the best thing to do?

The truth is that the staining can be difficult to get rid of.

In actual fact, the stains are more likely to be bloodstains that have dried on the mattress.

Maybe some people wouldn’t want to keep a mattress like that. And for others, money is so tight that as long as it is safe to use – then that will be good enough!

And who can say whether one way is right and the other is wrong.

Of course, it depends on Read more ›

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How To Kill Bed Bugs At Home Quickly Easily And Safely

Knowing how to kill bed bugs at home quickly, easily and safely, may seem impossible to you,

Especially if you are suffering from bed bugs right now.

how to kill bed bugs at home

Bed Bugs On The Mattress

And if you  have been suffering from them for some time you are probably having to put up with a range of problems.

For instance maybe you can’t sleep at night.

And have you got sore and itchy marks from bites on your  body, arms legs and even your face and head?

Can you see brown marks on your bed sheets and mattress?

And maybe you sometimes  notice a musty smell in parts of your house or apartment.

And then, perhaps worst of all, is the feeling that there is nothing that can be done to get rid of the little critters

The trouble is that there are many people around who pretend to Read more ›

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New Home Remedy For Bed Bugs – This Field Fungus Kills Them Dead


This new home remedy for bed bugs is well worth getting your hands on.

Mind you it is still in the research stage, but the tests are very encouraging.

new home remedy for bed bugsJust check out these the results:- “Main Result:- Bed Bugs Die the Death – 100% effective”. Bonus Result:- the killing fungus is very easily passed on from one bed bug to another”.

This means that when one bed bug gets “caught” by this fungus it then goes back into its hidey hole in the wall or into a the narrowest crack possible – and all of the other bed bugs it meets along the way “catch” it too. And then they die as well.

The picture shows an actual bed bug which has been infected by the fungus. (photo credit)

How wonderful.  And that one bed bug will also Read more ›

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This Bed Bugs Home Remedy Puts You In Control Even When You’re Too Scared To Sleep

Phil wanted a bed bugs home remedy badly.

His family had been suffering from bites for days before they finally discovered the cause.

Could you believe that Phil and his family had been suspecting mosquitoes and fleas?

bed bugs home remedyI can fully understand that.

It’s only natural that we assume the problem is caused by something we are familiar with.


But because they noticed they were getting bitten during the night, they actually got frightened of going to sleep.

Now check this out: Phil said his imagination worked overtime, making him think of insects landing on him while he was sleeping.

He also confessed that he often slept with his mouth open and he became paranoid of something going into his mouth while he was sleeping.

And then one night Phil went into the bedroom and saw these “buggy things” (his words) scurrying away. Read more ›

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Bed Bugs In Clothes – What You Need To Do

Bed bugs in clothes?

It is bad enough having them in bed, but I definitely want to be able to get away from them in the daytime.

And so, what should we do if we get bed bugs in clothes as well?

The thing is, having bed bugs is a subject that not many people want to admit to.

bed bugs in clothes

Bed bugs are attracted to any place where people sit or lie for any length of time.

It gives the bugs the chance to go out and get their fill of blood.

And human blood is the only thing they feed upon.

Bed bugs are survivors, too.

And they can easily travel.

If they are disturbed they will Read more ›

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Home Remedy For Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs – First Checklist Before Choosing

Having an effective home remedy for getting rid of bed bugs is an essential in this day and age.

It puts us in control of our lives and helps us to be fully prepared in protecting us against even the worst scenarios.

Since DDT was banned there has been an uncontrollable growth in the numbers of bed bug infestations throughout the western world.

The DDT synthetic pesticide was believed to be a cause of cancer and so it was – quite sensibly – “taken off the shelves”.

But other pesticides have since proved to be much less effective against bed bugs. (photo credit)


If You Have An Infestation Click On This Link Right Away


Speed Is Of The Essence

The important thing in the fight against bed bug infestations is to Read more ›

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Home Remedy For Bed Bugs Could Save Costly Bill

A home remedy for bed bugs could save costly bill.

Once bed bugs have invaded your house or apartment, they just multiply over and over.

But because bed bugs only “come out” at night to feed on blood they can be difficult to find unless you know what to look for.

Knowing what to look for is something that Stephen Doggett knows.

home remedy for bed bugs could save costly billSteve is an entomologist.  He studies insects and works at Westmead Hospital in Sydney. And he has actually located more than 5,000 bed bugs in one bed!

Of course, once things get to that stage it is a difficult task for a home remedy to deal with the problem.

With an effective home remedy plan it is a simple matter to use a proven system for recognising the signs of bed bugs early on and then getting rid of them before they grow into a big problem!

And to stop them coming back again!    (photo credit)

 Click here If you have a bed bugs infestation and want to get rid of it FAST.

They Multiply Quickly

Bed bugs do multiply quickly – starting with just two Read more ›

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Home Remedy For Bed Bugs 101 – Where To Check For Them

This home remedy for bed bugs 101 is to to help you make sure you can check out the whereabouts of every single bed bug.

Obviously, at night time they come out searching for sources of blood.

They just love a good drink of the stuff.

Home Remedy For Bed Bugs 101In fact that is what they live on.

But you need to know where to look to see if you have got bed bugs.  And the thing to remember is that for every bed bug you see in an open space – there will probably be another twelve of them nearby – hiding!

Bedbugs love most spaces that are dark, small and fairly near the place where they can feed at night.

The first places to check will be in and near the Read more ›

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Why You Need A Home Remedy For Bed Bugs

You may wonder why you need a home remedy for bed bugs.

After all, there are so many companies that could deal with bed bug problems if you have any.

why you need a home remedy for bed bugsBut here is something you should consider:-  It really doesn’t matter whether you have bed bugs in your home or apartment.  Yet.

Because the chances are that you will most likely be exposed to them sooner or later.

And because bed bugs are excellent at hopping a lift from someone and being carried along to the home of an unsuspecting person, it could be sooner than you think.

Bed bugs can easily spread “accidentally” on someone’s clothes or furniture, but they can also lay in wait for Read more ›

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Natural Bed Bug Remedy Uses A Different Alcohol

A popular and natural bed bug remedy involves spraying or applying rubbing alcohol onto bed bugs.

This is a method that is effective because rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol 91%) can actually kill bed bugs dead when it comes into contact with them.

But the new method described below doesn’t use rubbing alcohol!

natural bed bug remedyIt uses the type of alcohol that we drink.

Some recent research by Ralph Narain, a PhD student carrying out research on bed bugs and their habits had some very interesting results.

Narain had the idea that – even though bed bugs do need to drink a regular supply of blood in order to grow, molt and reproduce – maybe their appetite would be affected if the person they were feeding off had consumed beer, wine or spirits and had an appreciable level of alcohol in their blood.

Needless to say he didn’t ask any of his Read more ›

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Top 4 Home Remedies For Bed Bugs

Many sufferers use home remedies for bed bugs to clear their property of these little rascals.

Bed bugs come out at night when you are asleep and feed on blood. Then they scurry back to their hiding places.

home remedies for bed bugsAnd you wake in the morning wondering why you have bite marks on your body, arms and legs, or even on your face.

Well, worry no more, because this page gives the most up to date information to help you get your life back to normal again.

Mind you, if you read advice given by the professional “bug catchers” you will see that they recommend getting the professionals in.

And, to be honest, for some people, this is the best advice.

But if you are:-

  • Reasonably “handy”,
  • You are able to handle easy do-it-yourself projects and
  • You want to save money

Then using one of the top Read more ›

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Easy Check Home Remedy For Bed Bugs – Have You Got It?

Having an easy check home remedy for bed bugs will pay you dividends.

Once you have it installed you will get on-going information about whether you have bed bugs or not….

You will also get a good idea of where they come from and where they go to.

easy check home remedy for bed bugsAnd, probably the best of all is that , if you like to do-it-yourself,  it doesn’t cost much to buy, but it is also easy for you to make your own.


Why Are Bed Bugs Called Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs came to be known as bed bugs because their favourite place to go is to a bed where they can drink blood while their source is asleep.

These little critters like to come out from their hiding places and go feed upon whoever is asleep in their bed.

The most popular time for Read more ›

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Home Remedy For Bed Bugs – 5 Things You Should Do

Are you considering using a home remedy for bed bugs?

If so, you would probably appreciate a service being offered by the health department at Sioux Falls City Hall in the United States.

They have been using real live bed bugs as part of their latest project.

The bed bugs are kept safe and sound – and secure – inside the City Hall under the care of Health Department Representative Denise Patton.

She said that it helps people understand what they are looking for if they can actually see the real thing.

Side Note The Video starts after the short advert

In fact, just as is happening in many other areas, there has been an increase in the numbers of Read more ›

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4 Top Tips On How To Check For Bed Bugs When Away From Home

It’s important to have a system for how to check for bed bugs.

The last thing you want to do is to pick up and bed bugs when you are out and about.

how to check for bed bugs“Bed bugs are excellent travellers” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP).

And you only need to take one or two of these parasites home with you and pretty soon you can have an infestation!

The little critters take a lift home by crawling into backpacks, suitcases, clothes.. in fact anything they can get into and hide.

In fact, Gerald Wingate, the interim executive director of  Bern housing Authority  says, “It is impossible to determine the point of origin of bed bugs. Nowadays people travel all over the world (and can bring bed bugs with them). (photo credit)

And the well-known personality Read more ›

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Can You See Bed Bugs Or Have You Got Monkeypox?

People were asking, “Can you see bed bugs?”

They were actually sat in the A Delta flight at Chicago Midway Airport.

It was the end of April 2012 with the plane was on its way to Chicago when the flight was put under quarantine and no-one was allowed to get off.

can you see bed bugsPolice surrounded the plane – still on the runway – while paramedics waited nearby.

The trouble began when fifty year old Lise Sievers told her mother that she had some tiny, itchy red dots on her body, and that they were spreading.

Lise was coming back home from Uganda but things started to go wrong after her mother notified health officials and reported that Lise had an unidentified rash….. even though Lise had thought that she had only been affected by a bad case of bed bugs.

The airport’s officials feared that the problem was Read more ›

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