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Bed Bugs Removal From Clothes Bought On eBay?

You may have wondered about bed bugs removal if you have ever bought clothes from eBay.

There are lots of cases on record where bed bugs in clothes have been transported into homes.

is bed bugs removal needed from eBay clothes?And this can result in an infestation.

But when you actually buy second-hand clothes you aren’t simply risking “picking up” a bed bug in your travels, you are risking buying clothes from a house that you haven’t even seen.

Although, I need to point out that even if you were to see a house you wouldn’t be able to easily tell whether or not it was infected by bed bugs.  Bed bugs thrive in even the cleanest conditions! And neither is there any need to suspect that there is a greater risk by buying eBay as there is from buying from anywhere!

And so what should you do you do to help with bed bugs removal in the second-hand clothes that you buy – from eBay as well as from other outlets.


Bed Bugs Removal Can Be A Worry

And that is a worry about second-hand clothes – no matter where they are from, whether that is from eBay or someone else.

And so if you do buy from eBay, this is what I recommend you do if you want to be extra cautious.

When the package arrives, open it up outside your house and shake the contents out thoroughly, turning it inside out, checking the seams and looking for any bed bugs or their eggs.

You are looking for signs of both bugs and eggs  (there are pictures on this website at Who Else Wants To Find Out About a Home Remedy for Bed Bugs? and Bed Bug Bite – All You Need To Know ).

Once you have done that, the best thing to do then would be to put the clothes into the wash.

Bed bugs die at temperature above 115 degrees Fahrenheit or 47 degrees Celsius and so put on a wash above this temperature, for instance on 120 degrees Celsius.

If you prefer not to wash a newly purchased item,you can put it into your clothes dryer, running it on a moderate temperature (less than 160 degrees Fahrenheit) for at least ten to fifteen minutes.

Side Note If ever you do get an infestation of bed bugs check out the Three Things You Need To Know Before Using A Home Remedy

There Is Another Option For Bed Bugs Removal

Another alternative would be to take the clothes to a dry-cleaners to be cleaned and pressed.

Now, it goes without saying that you should keep the clothing in a tightly sealed plastic bag. You want to make sure there is not chance at all that any bed bugs (if there are any) can escape.

You should also tell the dry cleaners that you are having the clothing cleaned as a precaution for bed bugs removal – this is so she can keep it bagged up to prevent any possible risk of bed bug infestation occurring.


Going Green Is Not Better For This

Remember that some “green” dry cleaners may use a wet cleaning system which may not be as effective as the traditional method.

The traditional method of  dry cleaning is to use  perchloroethylene or “Perc”. Make sure that the dry cleaners you go to uses this method of cleaning.

Dry cleaning second-hand clothes is a good thing to do – whether there is a risk of bed bugs or not.

And eBay is an excellent outlet for bagging bargains.

Follow these guidelines and you can be assured that you are doing everything possible to make sure you don’t allow an infestation into your home, and of course, no bed bugs in clothes.

You certainly don’t want to have to carry out a full-scale bed bugs removal at a later date.


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