Top 4 Home Remedies For Bed Bugs

Many sufferers use home remedies for bed bugs to clear their property of these little rascals.

Bed bugs come out at night when you are asleep and feed on blood. Then they scurry back to their hiding places.

home remedies for bed bugsAnd you wake in the morning wondering why you have bite marks on your body, arms and legs, or even on your face.

Well, worry no more, because this page gives the most up to date information to help you get your life back to normal again.

Mind you, if you read advice given by the professional “bug catchers” you will see that they recommend getting the professionals in.

And, to be honest, for some people, this is the best advice.

But if you are:-

  • Reasonably “handy”,
  • You are able to handle easy do-it-yourself projects and
  • You want to save money

Then using one of the top home remedies for bed bugs is most likely the best thing for you.

 First Things First

I know it may sound obvious, but the first thing to do is to make sure that you actually have got bed bugs.

Some pests look like bed bugs. They may also have similar habits.

But bed bugs they are not.

If you want to find out more about how to recognise bed bugs and what their habits are, there is more information at these links for Bed Bug Bites and for info about what they look like go to  Descriptions of the insects for home remedies of bed bugs.

Where Are The Bed Bugs Hiding

Once you are satisfied that you do have bed bugs, you  need to find out where they are hiding. Look for them in the daylight and it is very likely that you won’t be able to see any

To check out on the types of places where they will be hiding, look at Where to look for bed bugs .

 Top Best Home Remedies For Bed Bugs

These methods are tried and tested but by necessity they are general in nature.

If you prefer to check out a planned and efficient home remedy for bed bugs that is guaranteed to cure your problem, go to  3 Things You Need to Know Before Using a Home Remedy For Bed Bugs

Here is my top list of  the home remedies for bed bugs that people are using right now – all around the world….

ONE. Cleaning The Bed Bugs Away

Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum up bed bugs.
Maybe you will also need to just scrape along the area you are cleaning in order to loosen the bug eggs so they will vacuum away.
Wash infected items such as bed sheets, curtains, rugs and clothes. Make sure you wash them at a high temperature too, because heat kills them. Finish them off by drying them in a clothes dryer, again, set at a hot temperature.

TWO. Killing Bed Bugs

Spray bed bugs as you see them with a fruit/ vegetable insecticide that contains canola oil and pyrethrins. You can also apply alcohol (isopropyl alcohol 91%) directly to the bed bugs. Remember not to spray this mixture because it can create an inflammable mixture.
Small items can be placed into a clothes dryer on hot setting for twenty minutes or so.
Rent or buy a steam cleaner that uses a “dry heat” of 200 degrees centigrade. As you clean rugs, carpets and soft furnishings the heat kills the bugs and eggs.

THREE. Nowhere To Hide

Make it difficult for bed bugs to hide. As you deal with bed bugs in the different areas of your home:-
First – clean away the bed bugs and their eggs, and then
Second – spend a few minutes making sure that any other bugs you haven’t got  to yet, can’t go get in there and hide.

For instance, when you have cleaned the mattress, put on a sealed mattress cover to stop any others getting to it.
When you have gotten them out of a gap in the skirting board – fill the space in with a wood filler etc
Each time you do this you are taking one more step towards protecting  yourself against future infestations.

FOUR. Lock The Bugs Out

You can stop bed bugs entering a specific part of your house of room by laying a barrier of cayenne pepper. They will not cross this.
Also use the home-made barrier as described in  Easy Check Home Remedy For Bed Bugs – Have You Got It?   to stop any bed bugs climbing onto the bed.



Remember, if you have seen evidence of bed bugs then time is very important to you. The longer you take to deal with the problem, the worse things will get as they lay eggs and multiply day by day.

As I said near the top of this page, the information here is general in nature.   However, if you prefer to use a planned and straightforward system for dealing with bed bugs I can recommend  you check out  3 Things You Need to Know Before Using a Home Remedy For Bed Bugs.  This system is guaranteed to work.

Don’t wait – If you already have a problem with bed bugs, deal with it today. The longer you wait, the worse it will get, and the problem won’t go away by itself. Bed bugs can live up to a year without feeding. You can’t starve them out, and once they’re entrenched in your rooms, they’ll become a problem that even the pros may have trouble dealing with.

There are many home remedies for bed bugs. I have written about the top four. Thoughts?


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