3 Things You Need to Know Before Using a Home Remedy For Bed Bugs

Would you do what a man from Colerain did with his home remedy for bed bugs?

I was reading the news yesterday and discovered that a house had burned down in Colerain in America. Luckily the family of six managed to leave the building without any of them getting hurt.

You may not want to believe it, but the fire was caused by the father of the family spraying an inflammable mixture onto the bed bugs in an attempt to kill them.

It was a home remedy that went drastically wrong!

And so the first thing that anyone should know before using a home remedy is this:- Will it be safe and not cause any harm?


 An Open Letter To You


My name is Michael Edmunds.

I have been appalled at how bed bugs can cause such trouble and heartache to those who suffer from bed bugs symptoms.

And how so much damage can be caused by using unsafe methods to get rid of them.

This website is intended to help anyone who suffers from them. 

My message to you is this:- Don’t let bed bugs get you down. Get rid of them instead





This is a Review Site:- Click Here To Go To Michael Romner´s Ultimate Step By Step Guide For Permanent Bed Bug Treatment


The Three Things You Need For A Home Remedy For Bed Bugs That Works

In my opinion, the three things you need to know about a bed bugs treatment before using it at home is that it is:-


It works – it actually gets rid of the bed bugs, and

It stops them coming back again

  • And a bonus factor is that it is actually guaranteed!

In my mind, you can´t get better than that.

Find Out How To Check For Bed Bugs On The Internet

I’ve just been checking the internet.

I searched Google for :- home remedy for bed bugs and got 107,000 results.

That is a lot of remedies on offer.

Some of the remedies involve putting bags of lavender in the wardrobes or sprinkling cayenne pepper onto the floor.  You can also check out other methods in the Latest Research For Bed Bugs Remedies

There are other methods which seem to make more sense but, the thing is, even though getting rid of bed bugs yourself is not only possible. I would also go on to say that, as long as you are physically able, it is advisable that you do it.

When you realise that yes, you can deal with bed bugs and keep them in their place – out of your house or apartment – then you will feel an amazing sense of power and self-confidence over these little biters.

But, to work properly, getting rid of bed bugs has to be done in a planned and proper method.

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The Planned Home Method For Using A Guaranteed Home Remedy For Bed Bugs

Getting rid of bed bugs in a planned manner is not complicated.

In fact is it easier because you know step by step what to do and when.

Because what I would be doing will affect my family and my home, these are the things that I need to be thought about if I was learning how to get rid of bed bugs :-

  • I would want to know that is it safe, effective and that it works. The treatments should be safe and not harm my family, pets or home.
  • Because I often want to get things done quickly I sometimes try to get to the end and have things finished in quick time. Unfortunately, this means I can sometimes miss important steps out and I then need to retrace my steps to find out what I did was wrong. And so, for me, I would want something that gave me a step by step method to eliminate a bed bug infestation no matter where I was living (home or apartment).
  • I would also want some easy to follow instructions on how I can protect myself from bed bug bites while I am sleeping and while the system is getting to work. After all, I would want to stop being bothered about bed bug bites as soon as possible.
  • If there is anything I absolutely had to avoid doing with a bed bug infestation, I would want to know what that was so I could make sure I didn’t do them.


Did it work?

I’ve checked this system out and it works with bed bugs problems in most places throughout the civilized world.

It even includes a straightforward method for making your own Bed Bug Trap and Detector to tell you where they are hiding and then kill them.

Everything is straight-forward and is ideal for home use – safe for the family as well as actually working!

Even I could do it!

However to be honest, in my opinion there is one section that is not fully explained in this home remedy for bed bugs programme.

And that is how to make absolutely sure that you avoid picking up stray bed bugs when you go out visiting.

Believe me, I know just how easy it is to allow a bed bug to slip into luggage or onto clothes when you are out and about.

And that bed bug then gets taken back home with you and starts the infestation all over again.

Through the work I have done with travellers who stay at hotels and hostels, I have learned some inside tips and secrets in how to make sure you don’t “pick up” bed bugs if you are unfortunate enough to visit somewhere that has bed bugs.

  The Whole System Comes With A Full 60 Day Refund Guarantee

 Why I Had To Write This Free Report

It is surprisingly easy for bed bugs to get into your clothes and into your suit-case and get taken back home with you again. That is why I felt I had to write a special report to tell you step by step how not to let that happen.

The Report is Free. And it works.

To find out how to get it go to home remedy for bed bugs free bonus

Bed bugs can create havoc with your life! I can well understand how the man I described at the top of the page finished up spraying an inflammable liquid over his home.

Sometimes, as humans, we can be driven to strange things out of desperation.

Don’t let that happen to you.

I hope my web page has helped you.




Click here to check out Michael Romner’s Guaranteed Step by Step Home Remedy For Bed Bugs Guide

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2 comments on “3 Things You Need to Know Before Using a Home Remedy For Bed Bugs
  1. terri says:

    How to get the bedbugs out of my recliner

    • Michael Edmunds says:

      Recliners can be difficult to clear bedbugs from because of the deep crevices usually found in this type of furniture.

      Generally you need to follow the procedures given in this website and in Step by step guide featured on this page:-

      1.Vacuum thoroughly using the crevice tool and making sure you dispose of the vacuumings safely.
      2. Steam clean with “dry” steam at a hottest temperature possible, being careful to either wipe down and dry any metal parts, or else avoid these areas from getting wet
      3. Apply an appropriate pesticied.
      4. Put diatomaceous earth into crevices when it is all dry

      Repeat this process regularly until you are sure that the bed bugs have been eradicated from your home and from the recliner.

      You can also put “trackers” on the recliners feet and round the recliner to tell you if there are bed bugs still in the recliner.

      It is possible to deal with bed bugs in any type of furniture. Just follow the process methodically.

      Good luck

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