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Home Remedy For Bed Bugs Treatment – Latest Research

Anyone who knows what an effective home remedy for bed bugs treatment is has some very useful information.

It’s good to keep up to date modern beg bud control systems.  You can see from the picture of bed bug bites just how serious the problem can be.  And so, if something has been upgraded it makes sense to follow the up to date version rather than continuing with something that is now up out of date

home remedy for bed bugs treatmentMethods of how to get rid of bed bugs have changed over the past years:-

  • These nuisance bugs have become immune to some of the pesticides that were once used regularly.
  • Some pesticides have been banned because other side effects were causing problems to human and/ or wild life, and
  • New techniques and appliances have been developed to make the removal and cure of bed bug infestation more effective.

For instance DDT insecticide (DDT is a chlorinated organic insecticide) had been very effective in keeping bed bugs under control and preventing infestations.  It was in general use from the time of World War Two in the 1940′s. However its use was later banned in most countries because of the harm it caused to fish and wild life.

And one of the immediate effects of not using DDT was that there was then no effective way to stop bed bugs spreading from one place to another – from house of hotel to home; from town to town; and from one country to another.

Bed bugs infest new places and people who have never even heard of bed bugs find themselves asking who else wants to find out about bed bugs

And so which modern home remedy for bed bugs treatment is best nowadays?


Latest happenings and current news for home remedy for bed bugs treatment

What are the up to date developments in how to kill bed bugs?

Well, for a start, it is a myth that bed bugs only occur in poorer areas.

  • This year – 2012 – An elementary school in Harrisburg has already been closed following an outbreak of bed bugs. It was discovered that the infestation had been accidentally carried to the school from the infected home of one of the pupils.  Many of the teachers even had to ask what do bed bug bites look like.
  • Workers at one of the top grade Ritz-Carlton Hotels, where prices can be 4,000 plus dollars for a suite, discovered bed bugs symptoms in one of the rooms. They were so new to the idea that they even had to ask what do bed bug bites look like.  But once bugs are in one room they will easily spread to the neighbouring rooms and from there to throughout the hotel.
  • However – in an attempt to prevent bed bugs from being taken to their home (again this happened in 2012) – a couple were seen in a cinema covering their seats with protective plastic they had taken in with them. They wanted to make it more difficult for any bugs to jump onto them while they were watching the film.

No matter where bed bugs are found – whether they are in a hotel or in a home, once bed bugs are there it is normally an easy matter for the bugs to be “carried home” by guests and staff alike.

And that is how the infections spread so easily. This s why I have written a FREE Report on How To Stop Bed Bugs Coming Home With You

And so what can be done to “clean up” and prevent bed bugs being in your house?  How can we be getting rid of bed bugs?  I would just like to mention two methods that can be used to help prevent bed bugs.

First Development
One of North America’s leading suppliers for bed bug exterminations has reported increasing demands for Cryonite, which is a bed bug freezing machine .

home remedy for bed bugs treatmentSecond Development
A recent development of a home remedy for bed bugs treatment include a CleanWave Sanitizing Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (See photo) has been developed by Verilux. It uses a combination of a powerful vacuum and a germicidal UltraViolet light that shines onto the floor as it vacuums. Once the cleaning is finished you simply empty it out into a refuse bag – tie it up tightly and then put that bag into another one and tie that up too, and then dispose of it before any bugs get a chance to escape.  One disadvantage in this method is that it costs around 500 dollars. As you can see below, there are cheaper ways to prevent bed bugs.

Third Development
Wasps have been trained to respond to the smell of bed bugs. This detection system shows how to check for bed bugs as five wasps are enclosed in a hand-held device which is then carried around the property to be inspected. As the wasps detect the smell of bed bugs they make a signal by the way they move. The device is called a  “Wasp Hound”

Fourth Development
A textile solution for beds has been developed using  chemicals derived from Chrysanthemum flowers. Under the trade name of Sweep®, it is a bedding system that is designed to kill bed bugs and prevent infestations. The bedding is safe and odourless.


Up To Date home Remedies for Bed Bugs Treatment

One tried and tested method for containing bed bugs is to use a specially made mattress protector. These protectors prevent any bed bugs escaping to cause a nuisance and will also prevent other bed bugs finding places to hide.

Insecticides which have been made from fruits and vegetables can be really effective as well as being safe. They contain pyrethrins and canola oil to kill the bed bugs and even though they do not give the same results as DDT  at least they are effective in what they do.  But the thing to remember is that many bed bugs are now immune to many insecticides such as organophosphates and pyrethroids.

Bed bug infected items that can be washed, such as bedding, curtains, clothes and rugs etc can be washed in hot water and then put into a clothes dryer at top temperature for 20 minutes or so.

Other methods that give a home remedy for bed bugs treatment

  • Applying a dose of alcohol (isopropyl alcohol 91%) directly to the bed bugs.  Do not spray alcohol because it will create an inflammable vapour if it is applied in a mist. For extra safety apply it with no heat or electrical sources in the room.
  • Using Cayene pepper as a sprinkled barrier to stop bed bugs passing over the line.
  • Putting items into an electric clothes dryer at top temperature for 20 minutes or more after they have been washed.
  • Using a “dry heat” steam cleaner that will penetrate into your soft furnishings, rugs and carpets and kill the bed bugs. Use one that gets to 200 degrees centigrade to help you kill the eggs as well.

But the thing to remember is that bed bugs multiply quickly – one bed bug will lay 5 eggs each day every day – and so unless you have a planned method that works you will never get rid of them. It makes sense. You clean one area and straight away, bed bugs from an untouched area nearby will infest the cleaned areas.

I used to believe that if I could save a little bit of money by doing things myself then it would be worth it. But over time I have learned that it can often make more sense to copy the methods that someone else has taken the time and trouble to work out and perfect.

And so, as far as bed bugs are concerned I offer my review of a system that seems to have cracked the code as far as bed bug infestation goes.

The system I am talking about is a safe and organic bed bug treatment and control solution. This method – which includes the best ways for how to check for bed bugs, can actually help anyone suffering from bed bugs to save money and to save time as well.

You can read about this home remedy for bed bugs treatment at 3 Things You Need to Know Before Using a Home Remedy For Bed Bugs

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